Monday, August 2, 2010

I Norman Payne better known as DJ Chose was born and raised in Brookshire, TX brought into this world February of 1990. I attended Royal High School. As a child I use to unplug my grandfather’s record player and 8track and reconnect them up until I got them to work again. I always admired music and was curious to how things worked. My mother used to say I was going to be a computer tech. But unfortunately I wasn’t that guy, sorry mama but I got a sweet tooth for music. I was always an entrepreneur and figured I’d follow my dreams. At the age of 12 my t-lady brought me my first Roland Fantom for my birthday and I haven’t looked back since. The first beat I ever made sounded fairly good. As an adolescent I use to go stay with my cousin with had a state of the art studio in Houston. It was there I made my first track which inspired me to fight for the fantom. I began my production career working for groups like the “Brook Gang” which gave me my first production agreement towards a full album which would later be named “Tha Sky Is Tha Limit.” I later began working with producers like K blac, Uncle Hemi, and Jlacy. Which led to working with artist like QU, Red, Yung Red, Tj aka Mr. 972, DJ Drop, Trae, Lil Flip and so on. My sophomore year of high school I realized that there were endless possibilities in the industry besides producing and rapping. By the end or my sophomore year I began DJing small hometown events and parties. By the end of my senior year I was opening up at clubs like Roxy, Butter, Glo, Butterfly Lounge, and Metropolis. Which later led to opening up for DJ's like og ron c and michael watts. Today I stand as CEO of Brook Gang Ent. An independent record label I started a little over a year ago signing ‘Tha Brook Gang” to the label and have since added new members with intentions of branching the group out to different areas around Texas. I am also in the process of finalizing the details of my own group of DJ’s called “Brook Gang DJ’s and my own photography company. I am a DJ/producer/rapper/photographer/ promoter. I thank god every day for giving me these opportunities in life. Anyone who wants to know me should know that I am an ambitious and motivated individual who is only satisfied with excellence and perfection. All of these ventures are just the beginning of my career. The sky is the limit! Dj Chose-Qu-Chubb-c - Ad-Red-Yung-d-Ct-Jason-Bj--Yung Stunta

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